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Obesity after Covid-19 and Lockdown life

  Corona or Covid-19 made the whole world alert about many health aspects. Human without prior infection stepped into sudden immune reaction and lack of energy. As per the epidemic and pandemic damage, the lockdown life helped a lot. But, healthy people gained weight within home premises. Infected people have to eat more proteins to get back the energy. All these lead people into one of the common issue called Obesity. Here is the relevant natural remedy for such people. Obesity is the risk factor and may lead to other disorders like high blood pressure, heart disease (CAD), cerebro vascular disease (CVD), Diabetes Mellitus (DM).  Yoga and Lifestyle Prescription for Obesity.  Definitions: Yoga styles are; hatha yoga, iyengar yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, flow yoga, yin yoga, aerial yoga, kriya yoga, bikram yoga, etc...  Obesity is; just beyond over weight that is body mass index (BMI) is >30. Obesity types as per the cause:  1. Pear shaped and Apple shaped because of lack of physical