Obesity after Covid-19 and Lockdown life

 Corona or Covid-19 made the whole world alert about many health aspects. Human without prior infection stepped into sudden immune reaction and lack of energy. As per the epidemic and pandemic damage, the lockdown life helped a lot. But, healthy people gained weight within home premises. Infected people have to eat more proteins to get back the energy. All these lead people into one of the common issue called Obesity. Here is the relevant natural remedy for such people. Obesity is the risk factor and may lead to other disorders like high blood pressure, heart disease (CAD), cerebro vascular disease (CVD), Diabetes Mellitus (DM). 

Yoga and Lifestyle Prescription for Obesity. 

Yoga styles are; hatha yoga, iyengar yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, flow yoga, yin yoga, aerial yoga, kriya yoga, bikram yoga, etc... 
Obesity is; just beyond over weight that is body mass index (BMI) is >30.

Obesity types as per the cause: 
1. Pear shaped and Apple shaped because of lack of physical activity or sedentary lifestyle. 

2. Slow whole body weight gain because of Hypothyroidism. Lack of iodin for metabolic reactions reduce preparation and removal of waste products. 

3. Intense whole body weight gain because of Stress or life events. Natural steroids from adrenal gland produce excess energy that will be stored as adipose tissue. 

Prescription of Asana styles for Obesity:
Dynamic practice like Bikram yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, flow yoga are intense to reduce the first cause. But the practice must be long duration. Otherwise the fat or adipose cells can accumulate faster if the practice is lost.
The style of yoga must be picked from Hatha yoga style. Here integration of kriya, asana, pranayama, meditation, yogic diet and counseling helps specially for 2nd and 3rd variety of cause.

Prescription of Shat Kriya for Obesity:
Combination of jala dhouti and shankha prakshalana helps along with yogic diet.
Combination of Agnisara and Nauli as indoor practice is useful in cold climates. 

Prescription of Yogic Diet for Obesity:
Bringing sattvic diet into lifestyle can help every situation. This counseling must be assured on weakly basis for 3 months.

Prescription of Pranayama for Obesity:
Bhastrika and Uddiyana bandha technique are useful in balancing the samana vayu and reduce imbalances of Vyana vayu. 

Having some personal and social disciplines as habit is the lifestyle. 
Mitahara is the moderation of food quality and quantity. 
Sakhahara is the vegetarian diet where the food was grown in non polluted peaceful nature. 
Alpahara is eating less than other days like during sick or after having heavy meal in the previous meal time. 

Regular internal cleansing like biorhythm of sleep and excretory functions. 
Monitoring the desires and emptying of mind before every sleep. 
Monitoring breathe and bringing it to natural yogic breathing in all situations of family, work place, society and before sleep. 

Regular physical activity in to nature like mountain, river, park, beach, play with kids etc., all will remove the repetition of thought about obesity. 

Dr. Amaravathi Eraballi


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