15 Days Yoga Retreat at Rishikesh Yog Sansthan


TRADITIONAL & BEAUTIFUL PLACES WITH YOGA: Learning traditions and experiencing the local environment is an amazing experience in the Yoga Journey. Live near to nature and experiencing it through river Ganga by doing prayers, chanting, listening to it with meditation. This is how the sages were been doing from past generations at Rishikesh. This tradition will be trained to the new students. As part of the devotional session, visiting the sacred temple of Goddess, “Kunjapuri Ma” at the very peak mountain. Where the first rays of Sun can be captured every day. This place is a view point to different mountains in front of the Himalayas. As per the climatic changes the tip of Himalayas can be seen. While leaving this sacred place, social event will be arranged at local areas beside river Ganga that is “Camp fire”. To bear the feeling of leaving this lovely Rishikesh, next visit is made to symbol of love that is “Taj Mahal”. This brings silence and makes the person to dwell in the laps of nature spontaneously. Having that amazing experience and strength of nature, student can easily takes the attachment away from the source. Then the last drop will be provided to Delhi Airport.


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