Ardha Salabasana or Half Locust pose: Spiritual view

“Swadhishtana” is the ability of calming down the mind voluntarily. Its literal meaning is One’s own abode. It is considered to be the center connected with deep unconscious impressions. The action potential, Oxygenation and the homeostasis of Sacral region represents the subtle transverse layer called wheel or chakra in Sanskrit. According to Patanjali Maharshi, contemplating on Swadhishtana yogi becomes knower of all knowledge. This chakra represents the pleasures and security and can be dealt with meditation on Dark Ocean and night sky. Swadhishtana chakra is the sacral wheel represents the relaxation phase of pelvic organs. The organs of this region are meant for arousal than relaxation. Hence these are the physical reactions to the stimulus of environment. This is a preparatory pose for Bow pose and relaxing pose after Cobra pose. Para-sympathetic nerves are for relaxation phase of autonomic nervous system from Sacral plexus.




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