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-         Self checkup of Endometrium

Endometrium is the inner lining of Uterus. It will be thick for every 26-30 days and gets detached from the Uterus as the healthy sign called Mentruation. Negative emotions, lack of sleep, irregular diet habits, lack of physical work etc., usually influence the estrogen and progesterone hormones and ends with irregular menstruation. These emotional situations can be varied from personal dis-satisfaction to the range of thinking self as the base for every negative situation around. This leads to extra growth of Uterine muscle and leads to tumors or the maturity level of ovum/egg will be false cause pseudo pregnancy or polycystic ovarian disease. All these conditions are inter linked and leads to the primal symptom that is irregular menstruation. These varying physiological changes may lead to infertility. Hence the normal menstruation regularity, duration, quality and the symptoms are to be considered and assessed before planning pregnancy. There are various solutions to address this general problem and fix the disease before ending-up with infertility.

SLEEP: 6-8 hours of satisfied sleep without getting disturbed from distractions (sounds/ dreams)

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Selfless services, meditation, Pranayama, kriyas

SATTVIC Diet: fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts, soaked fruits and nuts, raw vegetables, steamed food.

SELF ASSESSMENT: Awareness on habits and determination on diverting the mind to neutrality.

REGULAR PHYSICAL PRACTICES: Asana, walking in the sunset and sunrise, aerobics. Best practice on a mat distance at residence is ASANA. Here are 4 Simple Yoga Asana for Irregular menstruation;

1.      Ashwa Sanchalanasana/ horse riding pose (half front bending)

2.      Ushtrasana/ Camel pose (back bending)

3.      Ardha Matsyendrasana/ Saint Matsyendranath pose (Spinal twisting)

4.      Baddha koanasana/ Butterfly pose (hip opener)


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