Japa Meditation

Definition: Recitation to calm down the mind from past and future tensions to tensionless present is JAPA MEDITATION.

Introduction: Repeating the mantra or Sanskrit words can vibrate the body cells and create resonance which further ends as silence. This if repeated for hours together, the resting metabolism can be felt more easily and the freshness of the cells happens automatically. These bodily changes within the high energy environment also encourage the potentiality of the person. This is how the saints in olden days use to be healthy without pleasures and comforts than the hygienic royal life of kings. Such difference should be felt by a Yoga practitioner atleast once in the presence of his or her teacher. Full Moon day or Poornima is the day for such experiments.

Purpose: To feel the energy layer of human existence or Pranamaya Kosha, Japa Meditation helps.

Method: Choose a comfortable Mantra and recite with meaning in front of the Moon or God picture or River etc. As the easily recognizable energy centers are 108, recitation also must be the same number. If this is repeated for 9 rounds, the resonance and silence can be amplified inside. “Maha Mrutyunjai” Mantra is considered for the physical and mental healing. So we use this Mantra and ask the others to repeat for 3 rounds and join for a single voice.

Application: Sit in any meditative posture, keeping the energy outlets like fingers and toes towards root center or Mooladhara Chakra. Right hand can be used for the rotation of 108 beads in forward direction to complete the 108 times pronunciation.

Observations for Students: This allows the better flow of individual energy upwards to Sahasrara or Crown center where it meets the Cosmic energy. This meeting can be heard as a sound in the head region for few minutes to hours during the night.

Importance for General People: Having such events as part of 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, can vibrate the practicing area. It cleanses the environment and keeps the living beings healthy around. So, Yoga practitioners can learn the tradition of Yogic life and take the spiritual value of Yoga to the next generations. Definitely the climatic changes can be in tune with the timings.





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