Mint Leaves and Yoga Practices

The normal energy values of 2 table spoons of Pudina paste includes;

Energy= 2 gm calories

Proteins= 0.012 gm

Carbohydrates= 0.48gm

Fat= 0.03 gm

Fiber= 0.3

Potassium (K), Calcum (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Iron (Fe), Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A


1.  Rosemarinic acid is an anti-oxidant which can neutralize the free radicals in the blood. This is abundant in Mint leaves.

2.     This blocks the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals such as Leukotrienes.

3.   Prepares the prostacyclins which helps in keeping the airways open enough for easy breath.

4.   The extract can inhibit the Histamin which alleviates the nasal symptoms and allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

5. Breathing practices like Yoga Pranayama will help the muscles to gain strength because of availability of calcium, proteins and much energy in Pudina.

YOGA PRACTICE: Along with Pudina as Diet, doing Pranayama will enhance the electron transportation in the body. That reduces the free radical formation and keeps the cells energetic. Different Pranayama techniques leads to improvement in subtle body called Aura.


Pudina for STRESS & CANCER:

1.     Phyto-nutrients for reducing the Cancer.

2.     Menthol for calming down the mind and Vomiting.

YOGA PRACTICE: Along with this Diet, Meditation can help the body to rest from active state. Especially the awareness in all the situation will make the balanced personality called Yogic personality or Sattvic personality.


Pudina for SKIN:

Vit-A: reduces red marks on the skin

Vit-C: fight inflammation

Vit-Riboflavin, Folate: Complexion

Vit-E: Hair growth on scalp


1.     Powdered sugar with leaves used as a scrub and toner.

2.     Direct paste on skin (Salicilic acid of pudina) reduce the formation of Acne and blackheads.

3.     Aids in digestion by producing much acids. So It is not advisable to use during antacid usage (heart burn), Gastro-esophageal reflux diseases.

YOGA PRACTICES: Along with the diet having Pudina every day, yogic cleansing technique helps for the removal of toxins through other way of excretion. Yoga Kriyas like Jalaneti for nasal cleaning, Dhouti for stomach cleaning, Prakshalana for intestinal cleaning, Trataka for eyes and emotional cleaning etc., are the physical and mental body cleaning techniques.


1.     Raw mint should not be used for age below 7yrs.

2.     Don’t use for Diabetes Mellitus to prevent hypoglycemia.

3.     Since metabolism will increase for all the cellular reactions, it is unwise to use for high Blood Pressure patients. But these leaves can be used with water as a juice. Since the water can balance the high reactions of mint by providing the extra electrons or maintaining the Ph.

YOGA PRACTICES: Regular asana, Pranayama & Kriya practices helps in homeostasis and immunity.

Dr. Amaravathi Eraballi


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