Natural Full Meal Everywhere

This may help the people in need, who are at a new place and new traditions.

Food is part of the daily activity and common activity irrespective of region, religion and race. Mostly people get tired or sick after a long journey because of changes of food and environment. These two conditions are beyond our hands. Even for a day or later, these will influence the health. Hence the best way to avoid the influence of different food and environment is by looking at environment differently. Let us understand the basic creation without pointing the habits and resources at far. Understand the meal as the composition of solids and liquids. Fruits serve as the solid and liquid of the day without much plan. Full fruit can compensate solids and vegetables serve as liquids. Here are few tips which take care not only for the working day but for traveling. This article helps the traveling times.

Plan-1: Prepare fresh meal for long trips

1.      Maize as the solid food and cucumber as water

2.      Apple as the solid food and watermelon as water

3.      Banana as the solid food and muskmelon as water

4.      Water melon as the solid food and water

5.      Papaya as the solid food and water

Plan-2: Prepare freshly boiled meal for short trips

1.      Boiled sprouts as the solid food and water (Eg: Peas nuts)

2.      Boiled vegetables as the solid and water (Eg: flat beans, full beans)

3.      Boiled roots as the solid and water (Eg: Beat root, Carrot, Potato)

4.      Boiled green leaves solid and water (Eg: Broccoli, Flower gobi)

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