Setting Sequence to Lotus : Beginner yoga, Pre - natal yoga

RESEARCH: The journey from healthy life to spiritual life is by the practice of following poses sequentially. Scientific studies revealed the sitting on the floor or best is lotus pose which stimulate the root center and balances the organs function at pelvis region by balancing the Meridian points or Acu points or Qi points on toes.


1.      Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

2.      Siddhasana (Accomplished Pose for Men) and Siddha Yoni Asana (Accomplished Pose for Women)

3.      Swastikasana (Auspicious Pose)

4.      Padmasana (Lotus Pose)


Step-1: Feet on the floor with pressure from ground.

Step-2: Feet between the thigh and leg.

Step-3: Feet on the floor without pressure from ground.

Step-4: Feet over the thighs.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING: All these stages looks like journey form bud to flower, from closed to opened representation, from physical to enlighten level and from self to selfless. Hence this training is useful for prenatal phase for sure. Yoga beginners have the opportunity to overcome their physical and mental obstacles in yoga journey. It is useful for 200 hour yoga teacher training to have such flow in the initial stages of course to gain the overall transformation. This basic sequence of poses needed to practice all types of Pranayama. As the basic pose for Meditation is Lotus, student can prefer any of these poses and keep changing from half to full pose from this list to continue the sitting pose. Few of the lotus poses like ardha baddha padma apschimottanasana, kukkutasana, garbha pindasana, Utpluthi, Gupta padmasana, sputa padmasana etc., need this basic training.

PRE-NATAL PHASE: These poses as a journey will help in activation of the root center or Mooladhara chakra. The subtle level balances of this center is the representation of healthy organs like reproductive organs, excretory organs, glands, blood flow, lymphatic flow, autonomic functions, feel of secure and stability in the environment. If this center is activated few minutes a day regularly, the person transforms towards the spiritual or open minded or at least becomes healthy enough. This is very important for a lady to gain the power of germination that is PREGNANACY. The preparation of next generation which filed with potentials of what is seen, heard, smelled, spoken, sense, feelings etc., by the mother is a Tapas. Hence the phase of pregnancy in women’s life is a Tapas or to shine up or to prepare the next life and is devotional phase in Indian culture. Inviting a new soul into the generation, into the family and into the Mother’s life is the all purpose of creation. Mother has that creating ability. Hence She has to be healthy enough to allow the soul and to allow the transformation in next generation. Here are few basic preparations which can help pregnancy. These poses will help from pre-natal to post natal stage. Body weight will be in the triangular region that is between buttocks behind and two knees in front. So the base of support triangle with heaviness behind or on the buttocks point. By arranging the thighs and feet as near to the ground as possible, it reduces the workload on Psoas muscles and prevents the Lordosis (front/ anterior tilt of pelvis).

Dr. Amaravathi Eraballi


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