Yoga and Science

Yoga as a lifestyle was mentioned in Indian scripture that is Bhagawad gita. But this has been as tradition alone than spreading it through life in our modern education. A medical professional who works for the society as Karma Yogis (selfless servicers) should be given the ancient knowledge in their modern education itself. This will shine up their knowledge because of new techniques of Yoga which are not dealt in medical systems. Example, Dr. Kirlian in 1930 invented the energy beyond the physical level of human. But how far this is discussed in medical field? Such examples are many to know and learn for the sake of patients and nation growth. There are solutions which can avoid expensive surgeries, expensive medication, encourage the techniques for mind than counseling session.

Content for Medical students

1.      Yoga Asanas as beyond Physical strength and endurance

2.      Yoga Pranayamas as beyond Gas exchanges

3.      Yoga Meditation as beyond thoughts

4.      Jnana Yoga techniques as beyond self conduct

5.      Karma Yoga techniques as beyond selfless action

Even simple rest without analgesics can reduce pain of injuries. The same way, if we know the different techniques of relaxation and mind-body techniques, this will add the life to patients. Extensive compilation of all these steps after revising all scriptures, Patanjali Maharshi given simple formulas as Patanjali yoga sutras for the world. Let the ancient science be as part of modern science than just the profession alone. Earn the knowledge and embrace the name and fame concept of modern science.

Dr. Amaravathi Eraballi


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