Yoga And Vertebral Disc

Vertebral disc is the connective material between two vertebrae (cartilage fibrous). This provides a bit joint space and minor mobility. This disc also provides the space at the sides for the passage of nerves (Spinal nerves). Since it is a soft material than the bone there is a chance of compression, stretch and the dryness because of various reasons. Especially during the Yoga practices, the chances will be more if the learning process is mechanical than a lifestyle.

Common Causes of Vertebral disc Degeneration:

1.      Poor nutritional supply

2.      Poor waste removal

3.      Acidification by lactic acid


Remedies from Yoga Lifestyle

1.      Poor Nutritional supply:

-          Sattvic diet with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, green leaves and proteins (lentils)

-          Enough water intake, like even sipping is allowed in Yoga asana session

-          Avoid practices soon after eating (minimum of 3-4 hours of gap).

-          Punctuality in food habits and home food is mandatory.

-          A table spoon quantity of Ghee or liquid butter, olive oil, mustered oil can assist in humidification.


2.      Poor waste removal

-          Avoid holding the wastes in long journeys. Plan accordingly without negative emotions.

-          Avoid artificial climates like using air conditioner, heaters

-          Regular manual work is recommended than depending on equipments.

-          Yoga kriyas (cleansing techniques) are mandatory. These cleanse the physical body (Jalaneti, Vamana dhauti, Shankha prakshalana), breath (Kapalabhati, Agnisara) and mind (Trataka).

3.      Acidification by lactic acid

-          Use breath, liquid as much as possible for cleaning the body.

-          Encourage fluid intake as water, juices, fruits, liquid food.

-          Have the habit of Ginger, Tulasi, etc., herbs as first food of the day.

-          Reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, salt, smoking, etc.,


Dr. Amaravathi Eraballi


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