Yoga In Indian Tradition - 1

   -         Eating is a Meditation through coordination

Tradition is considered to be the shine from inside. The tranquility makes all different from one to other. The mental and physical conduct of life is the base for our outward appearance and that is how the world receives us. The word Traditional has come into the world to show that path of enlightenment from within. The values of tradition vary from region t region, but they all say same. Tranquility is the key life. Understand that traditional values and conduct is very basic in India. Each activity has its own scientific background and the effect on health. That is how the mind will explore the many spiritual powers. Here is an example of such daily routine.


Prefer vegetarian diet. Cultivation of food in the own land by own manpower. Use of cow dung as a pesticide. Using cow products like milk, butter, ghee, cream in the cooking. Eating by sitting on the floor in Padmasana (Lotus pose) or Sukhasana (Easy Pose) allows the frequent pressure and relief on the abdomen. This allows the synchronization of filling of stomach and breathing. Using a natural leaf like, banana leaf, also helps in digestion process. Eating without talks is the other discipline which allows the mind to concentrate on the processing of food in the involuntary parts of the alimentary canal. This is a Meditation. Avoid talking is also useful for protecting the saliva from coming out and protect natural breathing. Using hands and fingers as Mudras, which are the last parts of the body also integrates the Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum, and Thalamus. Hence the Proprioception, coordination, and sensations are many natural exercises for the brain. Overall, a combination of single thought, single action, and single purpose is the process of Contemplation. Praying before eating is another eating habit. We have to remember the God who has come in the form of cultivating person, cooking person, serving person and feeding now. We show gratitude by praying that unseen force. If the person does the eating process as a meditation, then only he/she can understand the filling of the stomach with ½ of solid. This is the assessment for Pratyahara (light food). This quantification is mentioned in scriptures. Preparing special food from natural sources like Ghee, Milk, natural sugar, honey, and fruits is called as PanchamruthamPancha means five, amrutham means nectar. This works on five components of the body like water, fire, space, solids, and air. For all these levels of our existence, panchamrutham is the food. Cooking vessels also made of Mud will help in contentment. Using special mental containers also give minerals and ions naturally.


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