Yoga life- Schedule for anyone

As mentioned in Bhagawad Gita, the daily routine should be Yoga. Yoga practice leaving the daily routine is still not in Yoga life. We Rishikesh Yog Sansthan makes the students experience the Yoga life once in a batch at least. This will be the model before graduation. At the stage of graduation, their mind, perception and the acceptance levels will be entirely different from the previous days. This is how the plan helps the students to live and learn the yoga life.

Here is the model of Yoga life schedule;

3.30 am: Wake up in Brahma muhurtham. Finish physical cleansing.

4 am: Remembering, listening or writing the devotional topic like Kunjapuri Temple.

5am: Visited Kunjapuri temple, one of the Shakti peetham in the Peak Mountains of Rishikesh.

5.40am: Sunrise very near to Himalayas.

6am: Chanting Sanskrit shlokas for Shakti (Mother Parvati)

6.30am: Yoga Asana session lead by one of the student as part of her evaluation process of her own TTC.

8am: BREAKFAST as a social activity in the nature. Where there is no matter of comforts, discomforts other than shearing and be happy.

8.30am: Philosophy topic seminar by one more student as part of evaluation of her own TTC.

9 am: Bhajans and prayers.

11.30 am: Antomy theory session on Meditation and Prana

1 pm: LUNCH

2-4 pm: Reading scriptures in library.

4pm: Asana session

6 pm: free time

7 pm: DINNER

8 pm: Meditation

9 pm: Nisha Swasti (Good night)

Recent student’s experience

Big love and thanks to Amaravathi Erraballi (Ammu Teacher) for coordinating our group trip to Kunjapuri Temple yesterday. We laughed, we chanted, we watched the sun rise above the Himalayas, we gave and received blessings, we did asana, we enjoyed breakfast and even had time for a yoga philosophy demonstration. 
Throughout the course you have continually extended your kindness and wisdom to us beyond the necessary. Thank you so much for teaching us anatomy, physiology, Kriya, the Bandhas, Chakras, Meridians, Mudras, Meditation and so much more. I am so full of gratitude and I'm excited to bring home all of my learning and share it with the world. I want everyone to know that Yoga is soooo much deeper than than the physical practice of asana! It is a science and a lifestyle that I am excited and enthusiastic about sharing with everyone. 

Prepared by

Ammu teacher

Supported by

Saunda (TTC student). Her Indian name is Sandhya


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